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A few words about writing an essay in English
Writing an essay is a prerequisite for entering a foreign university, passing an international exam or being employed. To apply for IBA programs at prestigious foreign business schools, you must submit not only a letter of recommendation in English, but also an essay in which you will present yourself as the best candidate for this program. The quality of your essay will depend not only on your English proficiency, but also, and above all, on your level of proficiency in writing. We have already told you how to improve your written English skills in three steps. In addition, a quality essay implies not only emotionality, interesting content, details that will attract attention, but also the correct design. It is good if you write an essay at home, in a relaxed atmosphere and not limited in time. 

For example, you have one or two days to write and edit. But what if the essay is part of the exam? Then you are limited in time, and the emotional mood is not the same: you need to write quickly and competently. In this case, you can use the introductory phrases, which you can use when writing your work. Such phrases will help you not only to structure the whole text, but also to make it logically consistent, coherent and argumentative.
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